Valdebebas WWTP


The demo plant of the LIFE ZERO WASTE WATER project is located in the Valdebebas WWTP, Madrid.

Where are we?


E.D.A.R. Valdebebas. Ctra. Antigua de Paracuellos de Jarama, 44, 28042 Madrid.

Why Valdebebas?

The target population of Valdebebas (20,000 inhabitants) is perfect for the development of this project and the joint management of WW and OFMSW in towns from 5,000 to 50,000 inhabitants. It’s a neighbourhood with 15.000 inhabitants and an expected growth up to 50.000.

Technology compatibility

The configuration of the Valdebebas WWTP allows us to operate the AQU-ELAN® system independently of the AnMBR system. The high load process removes organic matter but not ammonium, hence this current WWTP tributary is the ideal stream to be introduced into the system.

Instant check

The performance and quality of the effluent from an AnMBR system and a high-load system can be compared on site.

Qualified staff

The WWTP is owned by CANAL and operated by AQUALIA. Together with personnel from the R&D&I Department at Canal de Isabel II, will promote synergies and will ensure the proper functioning of the demo plant.

Smart Irrigation System and Generated Water Network

It has a Smart Irrigation System and Regenerated Water Network managed by CANAL that supplies the park and the urban green areas.


Plant location



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