Demo plant

Demo plant

The Demo Site is the WWTP of Valdebebas (Madrid) and it is estimated that it will have an area of about 300 m2.

OFMSW/KFW will be collected, grinded and treated in the DEMO WWTP, which will treat up to 50 m3/d of urban WW mixed waste stream with the fraction corresponding to the KFW associated with the equivalent population (maximum of 125 kg of KFW/day).

OFMSW/KFW will be collected from three different origins: source selected KFW from neighbourhoods, KFW from big producers and OFMSW from the existing separated collection system in Valdebebas. The feasibility of using FWD will be demonstrated with an approach based on a set of demonstration tests under controlled conditions.

Real setting

The DEMO WWTP will include:

System AnMBR

AnMBR demo plant of 50 m3/d developed in the LIFE MEMORY, where mixed streams will be treated, integrating a new 100 m3 anaerobic reactor in order to cope with the organic load increase corresponding to the OFMSW incorporation.

PN/AMX Reactor

PN/AMX Reactor of 50 m3/d will be built where the organic matter free stream coming from AnMBR will be treated to remove nitrogen.

Nutrients Extraction & Recovery Module

Nutrients Extraction & Recovery Module with Adsorption (50 m3/d) and Biosolids Composting Units (10 kg/SS) will receive effluents from previous modules.

Smart Water Monitoring and Control System (SWMCS)

A Smart Water Monitoring and Control System (SWMCS) will manage operations and control effluent quality in terms of microbiological content and P and N concentration depending on the existing demands of end users and irrigation and discharge regulations.


Real plant applications


After the project, the DEMO WWTP will be scaled-up to real applications between 1.500 – 12.000 m3/d.

The DEMO WWTP scale is big enough to overcome the challenges of the scale up process, among others:

Needed information

The assessment of the impact of treating different waste streams in the AnMBR and PN/AMX system will deliver needed information for up-scale and replication.

Extractable results

Membrane modules will be commercial solutions and the scale up of the filtration process will therefore be straightforward once the project concluded, as results can be extrapolated to full scale plants and no scale up risk is expected due to the demo size.

Process demonstration

Biologic processes such as anaerobic reactions, partial nitrification and anammox will be demonstrated in vessels big enough so that hydrodynamics are similar to full scale applications.

  • Grinder for OFMSW.
  • WW + OFMSW mixing tank.
  • Sifting.
  • AnMBR (anaerobic reactor/s of about 100 m3 + 3 membrane modules).
  • Permeate storage tank.
  • SBR Reactor for Partial Nitrification (30 m3).
  • Anammox reactor (30 m3).
  • P recovery equipment.
  • Inline. disinfection unit.
  • Booth with electrical panel and office.


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